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Medical and Inpatient Services: Nursing

Nurses are the heart and soul of medicine. At Paulding County Hospital, we are proud to be supported by a team of skilled, caring, compassionate nurses.

Whether assisting physicians in surgery, helping comfort a child in the emergency room, or simply listening to a patient in the middle of the night, these are special people.

As medicine has changed over the past few decades, nurses are required to do more, learn more and work more. Please be assured that no matter what brings you to Paulding County Hospital, the nurses are ready to help you in whatever way possible.

If you have questions about your care and treatment, the nurse is the best place to start finding answers. If your family member or loved one is a patient on the Medical unit and you have questions, to speak to nursing staff, please call 419-399-1166.

If this page seems overly complimentary, it is not. The physicians, staff and administration are deeply indebted to our nursing staff and wish to make our sincere appreciation a matter of public record.