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Medical and Inpatient Services: Specialty Clinic

There is no more complex vessel than the human body. Your primary care physician possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge about the human body in general, and about you specifically.

When your family doctor needs more information on a specific condition, he or she may refer you to a specialist.

To better coordinate the process, Paulding County Hospital operates a Specialty Clinic. This clinic allows specialists access to advanced testing and diagnostic equipment in a local, easily accessible setting.

Since many of the specialists travel to our clinic, it's important that they have access to your health records, many of which are kept at the hospital.

The Paulding County Hospital Specialty Clinic is equipped for audiology, cardiology, ear, nose & throat, OB/Gynecology, oncology/hematology, orthopedics, nephrology, neurology, podiatry, sleep clinic, surgery, wound care and others. If you have questions about a visit to our Specialty Clinic, talk with your physician or call 419.399.1136.

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