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Medical and Inpatient Services: Swing Bed/Transitional Care

Sometimes we just need a little help getting home from the hospital. Transitional Care/Rehabilitation Center, also known as "Swing Bed" is perfect for this type of care.

Grandma goes to the hospital for a hip replacement. The surgery can be at PCH or any other hospital. After approximately 3 days, she is dismissed from the hospital but she is not able to be at home. Her husband is elderly and sickly, her kids all have full time jobs. What are her alternatives? She can go to a nursing home for a while, or her doctor may recommend that she be admitted to Paulding County Hospital Swing Bed Program. In the Swing Bed Program, grandma will receive excellent medical care in a comfortable atmosphere that is close to home and loved ones. She experiences twice a day therapy which will help her get back on her feet sooner. She has the entire staff of medical professionals available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make the transition from hospital stay to home as smooth as possible. Medicare and most insurances companies reimburse program expenses so patients receive the high-tech care they need without placing undue financial burden on themselves or their families.

So, if you or someone you love, needs help such as physical, occupational, or speech therapy; skilled nursing or wound care; cardiac monitoring; intravenous therapy for antibiotics, medication, or nutrition to get home from the hospital, Paulding County Hospital is here for you.

To learn more, call Jo Doster R.N., at 419-399-1717 or 800-741-1743, or email her at jdoster@saa.net.