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Outpatient Services: Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy

Recovering from an injury or hospitalization can be a long, trying process. What were once "automatic" activities of daily living now require great concentration.

The good news is that through effective therapy, many people are able to regain much of their independence and function.

No one wins when an athlete gets injured. Rehabilitation services are necessary when an athlete has an injury or is recovering from surgery and is in need of assistance to achieve his/her maximum potential. The physical therapy team provides a multidisciplinary approach with the injured athlete, the physician, and the coach to get them back in the game. Each patient's therapy is individually tailored to the sport and injury, as well as the athlete.

A priority for employees who are injured on or off the job is to get that employee back to work. The physical rehabilitation staff will work with the employee and their employer to evaluate and treat the employee so he/she can perform their job duties.

Back injuries are especially painful and seem to interfere with almost every aspect of the patient's life. Our physical rehabilitation staff works closely with the back patient to allow them to function normally with minimal pain.

A great advantage for joint replacement patients who have their surgery at Paulding County Hospital is they enjoy a relationship with the same physical therapist during their entire rehab process, start to finish. This greatly enhances the continuity of care and ensures the patient will be back on their feet and doing their normal activities sooner.

Physical therapy takes many forms and addresses a wide range of conditions. Some of these conditions include:

  • Recovering from surgery
  • Recovering from stroke
  • Adapting to debilitating conditions like MS, ALS and CP
  • Recovering from a crush injury
  • Post-Op care for carpel tunnel syndrome

Whatever your condition or situation, if your physician recommends physical therapy you should expect to recover at least some portion of your pre-event abilities.

Physical therapy is also available through our Home Care service for those who qualify. If you have questions about physical therapy, talk with your physician or call 419.399.1725 and ask for PT.