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Patient Information: Financial Assistance Program

Reduced Payment Options for Patients Who Qualify

The Paulding County Hospital will provide local access to high quality, affordable services through the cooperative efforts of a network of physicians and other health care providers capable of delivering the continuum of care. In providing this level of care, we do not wish to put an undue burden on our patients or their families. Please take time to review this brochure to find out more about the Financial Assistance programs available to those patients choosing to utilize the Paulding County Hospital.

Discounts are available to patients with low income, and to those who are uninsured or under insured. Check to see if you qualify by reviewing the programs in this brochure.

Financial Counseling is also available. Our staff can assist you with pre-payment arrangements for planned healthcare expenditures that would be eligible for a discount on total charges.

For questions regarding this brochure or free financial counseling, you can speak with a Patient Accounts Representative at (419) 399-1111 or (800) 741-1743.


The sliding scale below lists Free Care and Assistance based on gross family income. The Ohio Administrative Code section 5101:3-2-07.17(B)(1) states "a family shall include the patient, the patient's spouse, and all of the patient's children, natural or adoptive, under the age of eighteen who live in the home. If the patient is under the age of eighteen, the "family" shall include the patient, the patient's natural or adoptive parent(s), and the parent(s)' children, natural or adoptive under the age of eighteen who live in the home". Income is determined from the lesser of three months annualized or twelve months prior to the date of service.


In an effort to lessen the burden on our uninsured patients, arrangements can be made with the Billing Office to receive a 7% discount for services rendered by the Hospital and its Employed Physicians.


Anyone who pays his or her bill in full within TEN DAYS of its postmark will be eligible to receive an 8% discount on the balance due.


Patients who are unable to pay their balance in full within 90 days of its post mark can be set up on a monthly payment plan requiring payment in full within two years. Minimum monthly payments will be no less than $40. Payments must be made monthly or the account will be considered in default.


The Paulding County Hospital will make every reasonable effort to assist patients in paying off their accounts using the methods highlighted within this brochure. In the event that a patient chooses not to follow these procedures, we will have no alternative but to refer the account to a collection agency.


Your hospital bill will not reflect all charges related to your hospital visit. Fees charged by your physician and other specialists (if applicable), including radiologists and emergency room physicians, are not included in your hospital bill.

You may receive bills from the following specialists:

Fort Wayne Radiology
(260) 484-0850 or (800) 758-0292
Radiologist who reads your images will bill you for that service.

Northwest Ohio Emergency Services
(419) 824-5063
You will receive a separate bill if you were treated by physicians in the Emergency Department.

Fort Wayne Medical Laboratory
(800) 899-5757
Pathologists who examine your lab work will bill you for that service.

Defiance Mercy General Surgeons
(800) 925-4642
Doctor who performed your surgery at Paulding County Hospital.